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    vivek bombatkar (Freitag, 17 Juni 2022 09:26)

    I visited Hollerhof in mid of June.

    I am sincerely thankful to Tobias and Eva for their great hospitality and openness.
    Working in the “Hollerhof” was a refreshing and hands-on learning experience for me.
    I was a company by 3 other fellow wwoofer and we all became a family quickly.

    Both Tobias and Eva are wonderful hosts and their property is even more beautiful!
    They have utilised their countryside property very neatly, allowing them to experiment with many different varieties of crops.
    They have a portion of the farm for mixed vegetable beds, potatoes, strawberries and a small greenhouse for tomatoes.

    Tobias is an expert gardener, so there is a lot to learn from the way he has architected the entire farm.
    Eva really loves what she does on her farm and also takes the time to explain every detail to me in English!

    I was able to help in removing weeds from the vegetable garden, by hand as well as using a few instruments.
    I really enjoyed helping them in the clipping and pruning activity for tomato plants in a small greenhouse.

    Other than farm experience, I loved their accommodation facility as well.
    Watching the sunset from the tree house and sleeping in a cosy caravan is something I loved on top of everything.

    I would certainly love to visit them soon and will definitely recommend this lovely host to all my fellow wwooflers!

    Thanks a lot, Tobias and Eva.

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    Andreas Jahnel (Samstag, 28 Mai 2022)

    Angeregt durch einen Zeitungsartikel habe ich eure Homepage besucht. Die gefällt mir gut. Ich hoffe, dass ihr kulturell bald wieder Veranstaltungen anbieten könnt. In Kombination mit einem Hoferlebnis wäre das sehr gut. Macht weiter so!!!

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    Paris Guadarrama (Dienstag, 13 November 2018 23:36)

    Ya tengo ganas de verlos nuevamente a todos y jugar con los gatos y comer mucho Rababa!.

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    Reinhild und Claus Weichelt (Dienstag, 23 Oktober 2018 06:27)

    Eure Website ist ganz toll und inspirierend.
    Schön, auf diese Art die aktuellen Termine für Eure Events zu erfahren.
    Wir wünschen Euch weiterhin ganz viele Ideen für die Gestaltung des Hollerhofes.

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    Eva-Maria Mittag (Montag, 15 Oktober 2018 14:48)

    Das ist eine sehr schöne Seite; ich habe sie gerade entdeckt.

    Ich freue mich, bald bei euch zu sein und alles in natura zu sehen.....

    Ich wünsche euch schöne Kürbisschnitzereien und weiterhin einen schönen goldenen Oktober!